Friday, July 3, 2009

Jimmy Z & Z-Tribe : Z-Independent

Independence day is important!!  Celebrate like a true American and come hear some live jazz and blues at Harvelle's! 
Friday night, dig the sweet soul and R&B blues of Jimmy Z, as Z-Tribe takes over. The sax and blues harp playing Jimmy Z will kick your 4th of July weekend into over-drive and set the tone for the whole holiday. Creating his own fireworks, Jimmy Z will keep the dance floor packed and the joint jumpin'. 

Saturday Night : 4th of July proper with Soul Funk!. Ryan Cross brings it live with a roster of guests dropping by. Everyone's on the Westside! Come join the party and get soul-funked

Thursday, July 2, 2009

KoffeeHouse Music/Spin PR Present :
SESSIONS at Harvelle's

Tonight : Keaton Simons, Leila Broussard, Ernie Halter and Eric Macek. Come to Harvelle's tonight and see what's happening in the world of up and coming singer/songwriters.

Soul Funk : Nahisha Pettit Turns It Out

Ryan Cross' Soul Funk Tuesday night residency was especially exciting with the stellar performance by Nahisha Pettit this past Tuesday night.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Soul Funkin' : The Night In Pix

The Beautiful and talented Nahisha Pettit
Reign Morton & Niambi Sims with Nahisha 
Niambi, Ryan Cross, Nahisha, Dennis Hamm
The trio - Robert Miller, Ryan Cross, Dennis Hamm
Jimmy Reed on sax
DJ Chris Brazil
Robert Miller
Dennis Hamm
Ryan Cross

Brandon Coleman

This past Tuesday's Soul Funk session, Ryan Cross introduced the audience to Nahisha Pettit, a soulful singer with amazing vocals and beauty to spare. Dressed in a sexy tinseltown blue dress she led the crowd through a warm set of songs incorporating Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" which filled the dance floor and put everyone in an amazing mood.

Backed by Robert Miller on drums, Dennis Hamm on keys and supported by back-up singers Niambi Sims and Reign Morton, Nahisha rocked Harvelle's and made Soul Funk a night to remember. Later on, keyboardist Brandon Coleman dropped some beautiful science on an extended version of MJ's "Human Nature" with Jimmy Reed on tenor saxophone, who made the crowd swoon with his beautiful melodic playing.

This Saturday, a special edition of Ryan Cross' Soul Funk will be gracing the stage of Harvelle's. If you're in Santa Monica and celebrating the 4th, stop by and get soul funked.

What A Party It Was (Not Was)!

Randy Jacobs gets surgical on his Telecaster.
Don Was on bass, Jon Gilitin on keys.
Sir Harry Bowen, Melody Daniels, Sweet Pea Atkinson
Sweet Pea
The frontline : Sir Harry, Melody,  Sweet Pea and Shilts
Sir Harry Bowens stage right.
Shilts on sax
Was (Not Was) in the Harvelle's parking lot. 

As summer heats up, changes are afoot at Harvelle's. Going on a hiatus from their Monday night residency Was (Not Was) is leaving and will return in the Fall, but for now the incredible guitar playing, deep-voiced singing Kevin Moore (wiki-Kevin Moore) is taking over. Kevin played here as a Monday night resident earlier this year and the place was packed every time. Come see what all the fuss is about.

Monday, June 29, 2009

WAS (Not Was) : Last Chance to Walk The Dinosaur

The Monday night party (code-named "Was Not Mondays") is down to it's final session, so join the party and "Walk the Dinosaur" one last time! Join the Was (Not Was) crew: Don Was, Randy Jacobs, Sir Harry Bowen and Sweet Pea Atkinson as they play the funk hits that everybody knows: besides "Walk The Dinosaur" you'll hear "Out Come The Freaks", "Spy In The House Of Love", "Your Luck Won't Last" and many more. It's been great watching these titans of funk git down every Monday. Make the wood work squeak - come down and enjoy the party!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Toledo Show : Positively 4th St

The city of Santa Monica presents it's big Summer Soulstice (sic) festival today, but tonight... whassup? 

I'll tell you whassup! 
The Toledo Show struts it's stuff right down here on 4th St.
The Toledo Show - if you don't know - is a show unlike any other. Toledo Diamond is the frontman and he leads his electric cabaret through a night of jazzy r&b soul-funk as dancing girls (aka The Dames) swirl around on stage and through the crowd . The place is always packed with hipsters and newbies alike. Pretty people who know how to party on a Sunday night. 

Longest day of the year? Maybe.
Baddest show in L.A.? Most definitely!

Café R&B : Roach = Stupefying

No one can deny that Roach is the greatest front woman of all time. 
'Mesmerizing', 'dizzying', 'stupefying' are all words that can describe her performance on any given night. The love affair between Café R & B and Harvelle's is well documented. They recorded their most recent album live there. This past Saturday night was no exception. The audience loved her and she loved them right back.