Saturday, November 13, 2010

T-Smidi & Toledo : Right There : Video Shoot

Harvelle's legend Toledo Diamond recently shot a video for "Right There" - a song written by T-Smidi, who also performs with Toledo on this clip.

The video features Dame Erin and Dame Mindy who perform as part of the Toledo Show every Sunday at Harvelle's.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Vintage Trouble :
Look what the wind just blew in...

Look what the wind just blew in...

Collectively known as Vintage Trouble, they are Ty Taylor-vocals, Rick Barrio Dill-bass, Richard Danielson-drums, Charlie Brumbly-harmonica & vocals and - of course - Nalle Colt-lead guitar.

VT plays at Harvelle's every Tuesday.

all shots taken with an iPhone.
most of which were taken with the Hipstamatic™ app.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Café R & B : MORE ROACH!!

Café R&B are one of the greatest bands to ever play Harvelle's. The lead singer - Roach - is an amazing (more than amazing really) singer. She is really something to see!! I know that her and husband/lead guitarist Byl are avid readers of this blog. (Hey!) Here's a few more shots I took the other night that I wanted to share with everyone.

all photos taken with the Hipstamatic™ app for the iPhone

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Haunted Harvelle's Presents
The Toledo Show's Halloween!
(Adieu Ashley!!)

October 31, 2010 :
Harvelle's historic Halloween haunt hovers on the hysterical, as handsome heros and hi-heeled heroines - hotter than hell - hold horizontally and whore their hollow halls, high as heaven.
OH! and it was Dame Ashley's last dance. The Texas beauty is returning to her roots. I wish her the best! She will be missed.

aerialist Leigh Acosta high above it all

Specialist of thanks to the whole Toledo Show posse : The Dames - Erin, Mindy and Ashley• the band - Walter Davis (sax) Asa Watkins (drums) Anthony Brewster (keys) Brian Allen (bass) Alyson Montez (violin) Sebastian Legar (trumpet/keys) & DJ Vicious Lee (turntables)• the vocals - Shamari & Malik• and the man himself Mr Toledo Diamond.

All the love to David and Cevin & the Harvelle's staff - John, Mika, Candise, Guy, Ne$to, Stan, Joseph, Emily, Samantha, Sheena, & Melinda.

A groovy kind of love to Leigh, Jackie & Brian, Miss Heather and Miss Nikky.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chris Cain : Blues Brother

Over the weekend - Friday night actually - I made a point to go out to see Chris Cain. He is a complete and total guitar playin' bluesman.

He is a bluesman's bluesman.
I have proof.
I got a text message that alerted me "half the Harvelle's roster is here!!"

When I arrived there was Kirk Fletcher, Joey Delgado, Key Frances, Dennis Jones and Cadillac Zack all their to worship the godlike genius of Chris Cain. I think that's all the proof anyone would need.
"Don't judge a book by it's cover" Bo Diddley used to say.
Never was it truer than with Chris Cain.

Dressed in his trademark overalls, with his wild head-nodding while he plays, it's almost as if he's shaking the music loose - something he couldn't do if he stood still. Whatever the reason, his sound comes from a place few of us have been. Chris Cain digs down into the depths and plays & sings the blues with aplomb and fraternal recognition.

The blues and Chris Cain - brothers.
the B3 guy and the bass player holding it down
Kirk Fletcher

If you have the opportunity to see Chris Cain live - DO IT!
If you were there then you know...

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Koffeehouse Sessions : Out of The Fire...

Zosia's effervescent. The Koffeehouse/BMI Sessions at Harvelle's have long garnered the attention of the industry, and some of the most buzzworthy acts in Southern California are dropping by and proving why they are potential future stars.
But back to Zosia. [check out her web prescence: YouTube, MySpace, iTunes]
Fresh of face - with her blonde hair piled high in a bun on the top of her head and a black babydoll frock - these are just accoutrements to surround her sweet voice and unconventional backing (percussion and reverb-y electric guitar) which created a swirly tunnel of sound. She was like a Holly Golightly via 1980's label Le Disque du Crepescule. Zosia's spontaneity was due in part to musicians Anthony Sanudo and Irwin who were enlisted as her backing musicians at the last minute.
Chris Accardo delivered a passionate set - his songwriting and singing stronger than ever; adding some real strength and masculinity to the genre. A powerful performance! Chris Accardo with John Schroeder and Reade Pryor
Chris Accardo with Koffeehouse hostess Anastacia Rourk
Dani Nicole set the night off with her band that included Chris Vazquez, Jake Hayden and Ruby Biloskirka.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Café R & B : Finger Poppin'

I'm glad I made it out tonight.
I haven't seen Café R&B in a couple of months (!), so I knew I needed to be there tonight. something about 'em soothes my soul, makes me forget my worries for a bit... the longer the better...

Roach is a love rush

Café R&B enjoy the blues.
Café R&B personify the blues.

Tonight was no exception... the gang was all there and I made it in time for a pair of my favorite jams "Evil" and "Shine" which had Harry (organ) and Byl (guitar) playing back 'n' forth like rogue bluesmen battling El Diablo for the return of Robert Johnson's soul!
Byl Caruthers on lead guitar
Bobby Pickett's bass face
above: Don Swanson's got the beat!
below: Harry Cohen crushes on the B3
All that's left to say is one word.
That's it.
One word to describe the pandemonium-enducing ultra-female that fronts this quintet. She always looks and sounds good, she always digs deep down and she always delivers 'til she can't deliver no more!!!!

Saturday night fever, indeed.
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