Monday, December 12, 2011

Dessy and Ric'key : To The Bridge!!

Making a stop at Harvelle's before heading off to NYC, Dessy DiLauro [official website] blew it up for real with her jumpin' jivin' hep-hop revival. Along with Ric'key Pageot, the 2 have created a style and sound which is influenced by among other things, Harlem renaissance-era jazz, be-bop and classic R&B. She's nu-skool, like Janelle Monae or Esperanza Spalding but has a hidden power rooted in the likes of classic singers like Donna Summer - not in tone or style - but in the vocal force that is hiding under the demure facade. 

On loan from House Of Vibe, Sebastian Leger (trumpet) with Dan Boissy (sax) do what they do best, burrrrrrn!! nice and slow!

In Ric'key's hands this accordion would make Lawerence Welk roll over in his well kept tomb!!

The audience was also treated to a performance by the Washington sisters, Myra and Brittani. Myra is on the TV program "X-Factor" singing with the in-studio band, while Brittani plays keyboards with Beyoncé. These 2 powerhouse women were dazzling to watch, Myra swinging her long hair (at least on one side of her head) beltin' it out while raisin' the roof, and skinny legged Brittani sat at the keyboard and before my eyes, turned into a New Orleans Baptist church organist who just caught the holy spirit, stabbing at the keys and poundin' them into submission!! Damn!! Get behind thee satan!!

New Year's Eve!! It's Jimmy Z!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Capt. Jeff & His Musical Chumbuckets : C'est Chic

On loan from their Sunday night residency at Harvelle's Long Beach, Capt. Jeff & His Musical Chumbuckets brought their ragtime/bluegrass flavor out to greet the people in Santa Monica. Banjo, washboard (and percussion), stand-up bass, acoustic (and electric) guitar and trumpet make up their roster. 
Check out the pics below and like their Facebook page!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

MONOPHONICS!!! : Anything but...

Beat junkies are always looking for the perfect beat, digging in the crates trying to find a hidden"break" among the tracks to sample. The Monophonics bring all the joy of developing those uber-funky grooves into full blown songs with choruses and everything!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Toledo Show : The Dames!

I almost think that if you're not cool enough to have shown up to see The Toledo Show, you're not worthy of seeing The Dames. You're lucky. I'm giving you a sneak peek, not just because "sex sells", but perhaps if you don't know, you'll come check it out. 

Still pictures - even HD video - doesn't do The Toledo Show justice. It's an experience of light and sound and funk and a virtual walk down the back alleys of Toledo Diamond's cerebral private universe. Is it fiction? Or are these true tales from Toledo's adventures? One never knows, do one?  So here for your pleasure, a small gallery from a recent Sunday Toledo Show.

DJ Mic on the mic keeps the club hits bangin' all night long!!
Dame Leah is sho nuff sittin' on a goldmine!

Tonight, along with Sebastian Leger (keys, trumpet, vocals), Seth Murphy (d) and Mike Gunn (b)were The Toledo Show back line. Bringing it deep and low, loud and fresh, uncomplicated and true, they handled their debut with The Toledo Show with fire and much aplomb!! Check them out as the drum and bass of Ultralove; they play at Harvelle's every Monday.
And by the way...
you're still not worthy.

Toledo & Ultralove : The King and Prince Of Harvelle's

 There is a genuine bromance going on between the front men of The Toledo Show and Ultralove - Toledo Diamond and Mike "Ultralove" Wagner respectively. I don't know who started it, but at some point in each of their shows (Toledo's on Sunday, Ultralove's on Monday) the other will make a guest appearance and bring a different kind of funk to the repertoire for a few minutes.

The video above is of The Toledo Show, but ironically Ultralove's drummer (Seth Murphy) and bassist (Mike Gunn) were the acting back line for The Toledo Show on that particular night. Ultralove stepped to the mic extra confidently and spit a cool 16 bars over Toledo's funky-as-shiz "Run Chicken Little" riff, which then evolved into an impromptu duet between the two with Toledo calling Ultralove his "hero" and Ultralove getting on his knees to perform the "i'm not worthy"gesture.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Vintage Trouble : Shut Up! And Play!!

The UK has long been known for appreciating "American" music (jazz/blues/soul/r&b) in a much more fanatical way then us, their Yankee counterparts. True to form, those across the pond have discovered Vintage Trouble, in a way that America just hasn't yet. Despite their countless performances across this land and over there, perhaps we're just too vast to embrace them. As hard as they are to miss once you've met 'em, if you don't know, well... then you just don't know.

If great songs, amazing musicianship, hard work, cool clothes and real "soul" music are not enough stimulus for ya, it might be time to check off this planet or at least develop a relationship with mind-altering substances on the regular, cuz you just ain't wit it!

Here's some notes from the road:
Nov 12, 2011 (Middlesbrough, UK) "Tonight, had great day with 200 kids as we did a show for them at Malsis School, Cross Hills. Yeah they rocked!" - Nalle Colt"We played a show today in Yorkshire - UK for 100s of private school kids from 6 years old to high school. My life has been changed this day. I have been reconnected to youthful joy. Tonight we play Middlesboro - UK. Bring it, TroubleMakers. Reconnect me with adult joy. (wink wink)" - Ty Taylor
CONGRATULATIONS!!Nov 9 2011 (London)Vintage Trouble Accepting their 2011 CLASSIC ROCK AWARDS for BEST NEW BAND!!
Click below to read this brief interview with the band upon accepting their "Best New Band 2011" award: