Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vintage Trouble : Gettin' Down In Trouble Town

Pix : top to bottom
-Rick Barrio Dill - keeps em dancing with his bass
-Ty Taylor channeling Al Green
-Charlie Brumbly - doin' it! on harmonica and vocals
-Nalle Colt & Richard Danielson
keep it rock steady on guitar and drums
-Nalle keeps his guitar riffs tasty

Vintage Trouble just came out with their debut CD The Bomb Shelter Sessions*!

The release party last night was off-da-hook. It was a perfect night out in Santa Monica... end of the summer breezes kept our provence by-the-sea nice and mild. Inside was another story. A sauna at full blast was what it felt like on the dance floor. Ty was singing and dancing, sweat was pouring, everybody was "kung-fu fighting", girls were stripping down in
the aisles to try to cool down
...and the band played on!!!
Proving why this may just be the hardest working band in town, they'll
be back on the Harvelle's stage front & center this coming Tuesday, and
every other Tuesday after that!

The first time I saw Vintage Trouble I was pretty impressed, not only by the band itself, but by the amount of people in the audience who knew the lyrics to the songs! Now, a month later, I know about half of their lyrics and am out there with my singing brethren.

*The Bomb Shelter Sessions is available at all major outlets and through the band website.

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all photos shot at Harvelle's with the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone

Friday, September 24, 2010

Harvelle's Weekend : Plan Accordingly!

< -Click to enlarge.

The best of rock combined with deeep soulful vocals x 2!!!
Vintage Trouble celebrate the release of their new CD!
Opener Johnny Stachela with Jessie Payo on vocals bring the fire.
Get there early! This is gonna be a great evening of music!!

Jimmy Z is an amazing sax and harmonica player.
Jimmy Z & the Z-Tribe are Harvelle's favorites and they throw down some of the best blues around. Come and let down your hair!!

It's dark. It's erotic. It's funky. It's a burlesque cabaret and it's indescribable in words. That is The Toledo Show. If you ain't never been, what are you waiting for?

Harvelle's is your one stop shop for an evening out. Located in the heart of Santa Monica's award-winning downtown, Harvelle's provides music, full bar, ample dance floor, smooth dudes, kool cats, nice chicks, bitchy dames... everything you need for an unforgettable night. If you've been, you know.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

House Of Vibe : A Westside Story

With a few of the group in Canada on tour with Chali 2na, the House Of Vibe All Stars didn't miss a step. Photos below shot with the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone.



Kris Hawkins


Amy Lou

Fish and Jon Swift

Smidi, iTimothy and Shaunte

(not pictured - Colin, Boissy, Ijeoma, Seabass, Greg Raymond and Anon - I think that's everyone. Apologies to anyone I missed or can't recall.)

A big "Chea!" to Brew and the Chali 2na crew.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dezmond Meeks : Trouble Free (almost)

I was proud to see Dezmond Meeks was performing Tuesday night (regular Tues residents Vintage Trouble took the night off). I say proud, because I first met Dezmond at Harvelle's about a year ago, when he performed with Ryan Cross' SoulFunk. Since, we've run into each other around town, and I've been able to watch him evolve. He never fails to command attention and entertain - whether sitting in at a jazz club, doing stripped down covers at a coffeehouse or onstage at a cool place (like Harvelle's). Dezmond is as natural a performer as two of his idols — Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. And like them, he does what he does, because that's what he was born to do.

He dazzles on the piano, has an incredibly dynamic vocal range and the energy of an NBA all-star. I mean to say that Dezmond Meeks is a star. A celestial being. He doesn't need sparkly clothes or flashing lights to make himself brighter (but he looks good in 'em!). Dezmond Meeks has genuine heart and soul.

Joining Dez onstage were Vintage Trouble lead singer Ty Taylor (not pictured) and James Delisco (above) - lead singer of his own band- Funky Deep.

Laura Jane Jones came through with her jazzy fresh vocals and the most amazing corkscrew curls I've ever seen, making her one to watch. As petite, feminine and coy as she is - the opposite is true of her vocal ability. Big, pure and emotive, she led her terrific band through a set of all originals. She really got the crowd revved up for Dezmond.

Also this eve - Harvelle's regular Dancin' John celebrated his birthday. While some are more appreciative fans than others, Dancin' John is true to himself, and his creative output - a sorta raw funky interpretive dance - leaves one awestruck, but like a lot of us, he loves to get down and has a real love for live music.

Happy Birthday Johnny!!

And they even spelled his name right on the marquee!!! Dezmond Meeks uber alles!!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arthur Adams : Home Brewin'

To hear Arthur Adams sing the blues is nothing short of hearing the sweetest soul music imaginable.

Beyond earthly, his sad slow voice echoes times of yore when things were simpler - when if all you had was three chords- you figured out a way to make them into many songs and entertain for hours.

It's said that singing the blues isn't to make yourself feel better, but rather to make those listening feel worse.

Arthur doesn't play that. He's here to party, to make you dance, to walk out into the crowd with his wireless Gibson ES335 and shred among the masses.

Arthur Adams is doubtlessly the last of his breed. He does what a lot of blues singin' muthas used to do. But none of them have the chops, tenacity and skills of Arthur Adams. And he's survived them all.

Arthur Adams plays Harvelle's every once in a while. Check in and come down to see him live.
(While he's still alive).

Thx Always David & Cevin
Special thx to Lou Castro (Arthur Adam's bassist)
Shout outs to Mika, John, Samantha, Nesto, Joseph and
West 4th/Jane

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