Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gary Allegretto : Blow the Roof off the Sucka!

A Friday night is always a good reason to get out and hear some blues. Whether it's been a good week or a bad, a long week or a short one - the blues provides relief from all of the above. And you can't go hear blues on a Friday night at The House Of Blues or somewhere else in Hollywood... it's just not the same as hearing it in an a cool old bar like Harvelle's, where the lights are low and the beverages are heavy.

Tonight's blues explosion was courtesy of harmonica powerhouse Gary Allegretto. Gary's the big bad wolf of harmonica blues. Huffing, puffing, snarling, smirking, Gary's harp playing is as mind bending as it is note bending. Gary can play any kind of blues - slow, fast, Southern, Chicago, boogie-woogie, old, new - whatever. He's one of a kind and one of the best!!

Gary Allegretto is also the founder of Harmonikids - a non-profit dedicated to providing harmonicas to special needs children. Their involvement in Katrina and more recently Haiti is all documented on their website [Harmonikids website].