Monday, May 2, 2011

Ultralove Me Baby

Spring has just slipped the tip in, but in Santa Monica, it feels like summer.

The beaches are bustling, the promenade is perfect and even Mondays feel like it's still the weekend. Ultralove runs things on Monday and the night is geared for the ultralove-er in you*. If you haven't yet heard 'em throw down, you're in for a funky good time.

Ultralove employs a 6 piece ensemble which includes Doug Showalter (g), Seth Murphy (d), Mike Gunn (b), Adam Berg (keys) and singers Soul Star and Love Logiq. Note: this past week, Jon Piazza (aka Jon Swift) played keys. Strumming a black acoustic guitar - unless he's busting moves with the audience - Ultralove raps and sings with the ease of a man doing what he was born to do, making music with such ease and joy, it's not hard to see why the dance floor is consistently packed when the band plays.

Ultralove has a CD out "[revolution]" which is available at the gig or on [Amazon] and [iTunes™].

Big blog shout-out to Trisha, Lauralee, Dirty Birdy, Guy and *Shalamar!!