Thursday, March 11, 2010

2na : Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

It's another Westside Wednesday with Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and the House Of Vibe All Stars.

Chali and his brother Laid Law threw down in pure hip-hop old skool style, as Brew and his Venice based crew perform surgery by funk on those fakin it and those that just came to shake their ass.


In the house tonight : Deploi, Fish, Pete Antunes, Shin Kawasaki of Jean Paul Yamamoto, bassist Walter of Audible Mainframe, Biff Chitlins, John Piazza, Amy Lou, Aric and Omar.

A big Fat Albert "hey-hey-hey" to Brew, Chali, Laid Law, C Wolfe, David, Liz, Dana, Candise, Ernesto, Jamie, Phillip and of course, M.G. - for shakin' it like a white girl.

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Location:4th Ave,Santa Monica,United States

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Soul Funk Hip Pix

Every Tuesday night, Ryan Cross brings together some of the baddest players in town for a night of soul, jazz and funk like no other. Tonight the vocal talents of Octavia and Lisa Foreman with a band that featured Kenny Crouch on keys, Cornelius on bass, Cedric Anderson on drums and Pop on guitar, turned the heat up on an otherwise frigid March night in Santa Monica.

Octavia brought it!!

Lisa Foreman rocked!!

Me with Miss Heather

Lisa heats things up

Kenny Crouch jams!

Lisa with Cornelius! Funky!

Pop! Getting surgical with that thang!!

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Funky Birthday Shots

First off - Happy Bday to the righteous funky brother number one: David Ormesher!

Miss Heather with David O

John "Pop" Clark on wicked guitar.

above - Octavia with Kenny Crouch (keys).

A pre-birthday bash of sorts -
no doubt this celebration will be continuing on for the next 24 hours (or so). Cheers to another trip round the sun.

The house is full of funkateers and soul babes. (above - Miss Heather w your humble blogger). Like Putney Swope says "the Boorman 6 girl has GOT TO have soul". Singers Lisa Foreman and Octavia have got the soul.

above David O w J (from CT)

Big-ups to Kenny Crouch (keys), drummer Cedric Anderson, Miss Heather & photographer Josh, Tom McNalley, singer Ella, J (all the way from CT), bassist Cornelius, the marvelous Lisa Foreman, guitarist John "Pop" Clark, Singer/DJ Reesso, Tanisha and of course Ryan Cross.

above - Lisa Foreman is funkin' for Jamaica.

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Location:1432 4th St,Santa Monica,United States