Wednesday, April 11, 2012

House Of Vibe : Kickin' It Live :
Robin Leach Teaching Me How To Really Survive

House Of Vibe is a supersonic soul machine with love and life and verve and swerve. Swagalicious in nature and generous to a fault, HOV live and breathe music. Their reverential attitude towards music and songs and performing and voices together creates a unifying existence that is expressed weekly on Wednesdays at Harvelle's Santa Monica. Guests always abound - including ANON (left), Dessy DiLauro, Ric'key Pageot, Ultralove, Vonyse, Ijeoma Njaka, Freewill, Raphael "Tweet" Brown and a 3 piece skinheads horn section who blended nicely with horn-y HOV stalwarts Shaunte Palmer, Sebastian "Seabass" Leger and Jaman Laws. Anthony Brewster as leader conducts his orchestra (which also consists of Amy Lou on percussion, Greg Raymond on keys, Pete Antunes and Fish on drums, Corey Cofield and Colin Wolfe on bass). Mainstay rappers Deploi and Jon Swift always represent The Westside Tribe.

Amy Lou warns y'all. Don't get her mad. You wouldn't like her mad.

Dessy Di Lauro
Tweet and Colin 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blues And Burlesque : A Monster Combo

Blues and burlesque seem like a perfect combo. Especially dirty, grimy blues. Fucked up blues. Deranged bluesmen pumping three chords louder and louder, twin guitars dueling while the harp player blows like a hurricane and a singer in a red three-piece suit bellows through a homemade bullhorn, which only serves to distort and fuck things up further. Molly, a burlesque dancer of some note and a Toledo Show "Dame", threw herself around like a voluptuous rag doll, psychotically blazing a sexy scene to the delight of both the boys in the band and the folks on the floor. Take a look for yourself:

The Band is 'Smokehouse' Brown (guitar), 'Pink' Arguello (vocals), Henry Carvajal (guitar), Tom Fillman (drums), Johnny Mastro (harmonica) and Bobby Tsukamoto (bass).