Monday, December 12, 2011

Dessy and Ric'key : To The Bridge!!

Making a stop at Harvelle's before heading off to NYC, Dessy DiLauro [official website] blew it up for real with her jumpin' jivin' hep-hop revival. Along with Ric'key Pageot, the 2 have created a style and sound which is influenced by among other things, Harlem renaissance-era jazz, be-bop and classic R&B. She's nu-skool, like Janelle Monae or Esperanza Spalding but has a hidden power rooted in the likes of classic singers like Donna Summer - not in tone or style - but in the vocal force that is hiding under the demure facade. 

On loan from House Of Vibe, Sebastian Leger (trumpet) with Dan Boissy (sax) do what they do best, burrrrrrn!! nice and slow!

In Ric'key's hands this accordion would make Lawerence Welk roll over in his well kept tomb!!

The audience was also treated to a performance by the Washington sisters, Myra and Brittani. Myra is on the TV program "X-Factor" singing with the in-studio band, while Brittani plays keyboards with Beyoncé. These 2 powerhouse women were dazzling to watch, Myra swinging her long hair (at least on one side of her head) beltin' it out while raisin' the roof, and skinny legged Brittani sat at the keyboard and before my eyes, turned into a New Orleans Baptist church organist who just caught the holy spirit, stabbing at the keys and poundin' them into submission!! Damn!! Get behind thee satan!!

New Year's Eve!! It's Jimmy Z!!!