Wednesday, September 28, 2011

House Of Vibe : The Men

The Men
(of House Of Vibe)

The Men was a TV series on ABC in 1972-73 an umbrella title for three adventure series: Assignment Vienna, Jigsaw, and The Delphi Bureau. The common element in each of the series was that its hero was a rugged individualist, working essentially alone with little or no supervision on matters of vital interest. The program was originally aired on Thursday nights with each element appearing in a regular rotation, every third week, but when the program was moved to Saturday nights in January 1973 the elements began to be aired with several episodes of the same element appearing in consecutive weeks. The theme from The Men was a classic Isaac Hayes cut.(Wikipedia)

Deploi (w Dessy) 

The House Of Vibe plays every Wednesday at Harvelle's. This coming week, they will be joined by Dessy DiLauro (and Ric'key Pageot), Chali 2na (Jurassic 5, Ozomotli) and Joi (Goodie Mob) as well as in-house rappers Deploi, Jon Swift, Freewill and you never know who might drop in!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toledo 500 : 10 Years Of The Show

The Toledo Show is a dirty burlesque film noir experience that can only be understood by being present. For 10 years The Toledo Show has taken over Sunday nights at Harvelle's in Santa Monica pushing boundaries and converting the uninitiated into staying out late on Sunday nights.

Unlike any other show, The Toledo Show is wholly original, funky as hell and leaves you exhausted and satisfied. 

Happy Anniversary Toledo and company! 

Walter is incomparable
Toledo's 10 year Anniversary
Dame Erin
Rachel Lynn, Toledo, Dame Mindy
Dame Nykky returns triumphant.
Dame Erin's dance of love
Toledo diggin' on Dame Molly's thighs
 Jonathan Heuer plays guitar

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ultralove'd : A Trip Around The Sun

My man Ultralove is lethal!! 

Every Monday night - for the last 52 weeks - Ultralove has brought his crew and unleashed 'em on Harvelle's. Ultralove then pumps out the sweetest hip-hop flavored folk-funk you've ever heard. Keeping the dance floor hustling, and the rest of the place singing along to the musical and lyrical hooks provided in such jams as "Breakfast In Bed", "Last Leg"and "Rich And Famous".

Tonight's celebration was full of excitement and guests. Joel Van Dijk returned as did singers Love Logic and Soul Star. House Of Vibe's horn men Jaman and Sebastian sat in; Joe Con, DJ Paper, and even Harvelle's bartender Candise jumped onstage to spit 16 or so bars.

The Ultralove experience is worth visiting and re-visiting; as he hones his craft in front of a live audience his evolution has been swift and obviously ready for the next phase of his career. Do yourself a favor - come down and let him coax out the ultra-lover in you. 
Ultralove gets down with 6 strings.
Singin' : Soul Star, Ultralove and Love Logic
Drummer Seth Murphy.
Jon Piazza on keys.
Mike Gunn - bass slayer.
Axemen Joel and Doug.
DJ Paper keeps the crowd body-movin' all night long.
Cheers Lauralee!
House of Vibe's Jaman and SeaBass.

Ultralove's [revolution] is available on [iTunes] and [Amazon]
Ultralove music & info can be found on [Tumblr]
Listen to Ultralove music on [Soundcloud]
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Ultralove performs every Monday night at [Harvelle's]