Saturday, December 4, 2010

KoffeeMouse Sessions

Koffeehouse sessions at Harvelle's is a very cool showcase for up and coming talent. Tonight's roster included Mansions On The Moon, Trevor Davis (left) and Stacy Clark.

Stacy Clark and her band (Brian-keys, Brandon-bass, Tyler-drums, Blaine-guitar) kicked off the night with a set of covers and originals that showcased her strong voice.

Mansions On The Moon
Anastasia Roark
Trevor Davis
J, Anastasia and C.J.
Stacy Clark

The singing and guitar playing of Trevor Davis (who was accompanied by Darla on percussion and backing vocals) filled the room with a big sound despite their minimal line-up. Trevor's Michael Jackson influenced set was original and fun.

Mansions On The Moon (Ted Wendler, Ben Hazlegrove and Lane Shaw) are a mystery. While very few people in the room had actually heard them or seen them (this was their first live performance), the place was packed with people there to check them out.
Anastasia Roark hosted the evening, which also included an open mic session prior to the scheduled performers. Special mention go to The Councilmen - a Bakersfield based band who showed some real pop sensibility.

Mouse (right) is the petite and tattooed woman with the clipboard -running things - and keeping the night on schedule. Koffeehouse Sessions is held at Harvelle's the first Thursday of the month.

Monday, November 29, 2010

JSB : Johnny Stachela Band
Sets The Night on Fire

I think I must have seen him with Leroy Powell.
Duane Betts was on stage as well, so there were three of 'em in total. Everyone had a Gibson SG and the solos were lengthy and in tandem - like The Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was one of the first times I had ever been to Harvelle's.

Over the years I've seen Johnny Stachela come through with at least a half dozen different bands - Just Dave, Miss Willie Brown, The Juke Hounds and of course Jessie Payo.

Johnny will be returning to Harvelle's Tuesday November 30 (playing before Tuesday residents Vintage Trouble), so get there early (8:30 or so), grab a beverage and proceed to the dance floor. Johnny Stachela and Harvelle's favorite - vocalist Jessie Payo will give you what you came for, what you want, what you need!!

Slideshow pix taken with the Hipstamatic app in tandem with the iPhone.