Friday, August 28, 2009

Terry Evans Takes Over

It's a Friday night in the middle of an L.A. heatwave. Whatchoo gonna do? One option is to spend the night with Terry Evans, a Harvelle's favorite and a blues guitar master. Pick up his Live At Harvelle's CD while you're at it. Take the blues magic home.

Soul Funk Tuesday : Full Of Grace

Chase all your blues away.

The Soul Funk night at Harvelle's is every Tuesday.

Ryan Cross brings his big show through and fills the room with beautiful music, dope beats and sexy women. The atmosphere is upbeat - and that's the way it swings at this impromptu jam session.

This past Tuesday, it was ALL funk ALL jazz ALL soul ALL night long! Mr. Cross was nowhere in the place, but Brandon Coleman and Gene Coye were there to bring it! And it was brought! The MC (and on bass) was Ian Martin.

Add to the mix a plethora of talented guests stopping by and jamming! Among them, guitarist/vocalist Todd Washington, House Of Vibe/Toledo Show drummer Pete Antunes, an awesome singer/drummer known as Kiki, Harvelle's fave - vocalist Nichelle Monroe, James Allen who also took a turn on the drums, a horn player named José kicked some serious (br)ass, as did Kamasi Washington - also on sax. There were quite a few others, who's names I didn't catch. 

It was an incredible night of beautiful people and beautiful music. Ryan's gonna kick himself for missing it!

Nichelle Monroe center stage with sax slingers Kamasi and Joe 
and the back of Todd Washington
Nichelle captures the moment digitally
The brass - Kamasi Washington on the far right
Pete Antunes plays mad crazy drums
Todd 'T-Maxx' Washington
Kiki on the mic
The one and only Brandon Coleman
Gene Coye, Ian Martin and Brandon Coleman
The captivating Nichelle Monroe
Kiki on the drums

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enter The House of Vibe :
Come early for Nailah and Moi

Tonight, up and coming artists Nailah and Moi open the evening as part of the SESAC Summer Music Series. 

The House Of Vibe All Stars will blow the doors off and set the roof ablaze with their unbeatable combo of soul, reggae, rap, r&b and funk immediately following. The House Of Vibe All Stars are the finest and funkiest group of players you will ever meet. If you haven't seen them before, make tonight the night!

Shaunte and Sebastian - 2 of the mighty HOV horn section
DJ Peyote Cody on the 1's and 2's

Rachel Grace : the funkiest violin player ever!

Miss Amy Lou on the percussion!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kirk Fletcher : Jam Of The Week

The jam of the week? 
It's only Monday! 
Kirk and the Gang have completely taken over Monday nights at Harvelle's. 

Kirk Fletcher - guitar wizard and new school blues man - maintains his black t-shirt, black pants and black shoes and stays in the shadows, letting his playing speak for itself. There's a revolving cast of musicians that play alongside Kirk, but everyone knows who's running things.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Toledo Show : B-day Bash

Last week, the annual celebration of Toledo Diamond's birthday was a bash of awesome proportions! Shiny silver was the night's theme, the crowd roared in approval and everyone shook it on the dance floor all night long, as The Toledo Show presented their 3D erotic cabaret in their own breathless style. Beyond funky, the music is controlled madness, the dancing Dames entice and beckon and an orgasmic time is practically guaranteed (although your mileage may vary).