Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Audible Mainframe : Hip-Hop Truant Officers

Hip-Hop pretenders beware!
Sans gold chains, grills, bling, vintage Jordans, fitted Starter caps - any of the trappings of modern day "rap music" - Audible Mainframe is a Boston band based in Los Angeles. They have spent the month playing Wednesday's at Harvelle's. Every week this sextet has stretched the limitations of hip-hop like a silly putty comic transfer - elongated and twisted, but still ultimately recognizable. 

Their tight 50 minute set packs enough power output to fire up a city block for a fortnight, and that you won't forget! Audible Mainframe is a truly memorable band with great hooks, a killer DJ and a front man - Exposition - who knows how to rock a mic and get a party started. The other guys wield their instruments (guitar/bass/drums/keys/trumpet) like heavy artillary that they are trained to deploy.

Catch them tonight.
9:30 sharp!

followed by 
The House Of Vibe All-Stars.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

House Of Vibe : Welcome Mat

Everyone's welcome to be down with the House Of Vibe All Stars. 

The virtual "Welcome Mat" in the front swears it's true. 
Seen in the House : Amy Lou playing the congas, bongos, cowbells and all things of that nature and Valerie Franco behind the drum kit. The two percussion-centric women have been showing up more and more recently and turning it out each time.

House Of Vibe is every Wednesday at Harvelle's.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Soul Funk Roundup : Ryan Cross Brings It!

Soul Funk!

What is it?
Ryan Cross, bass player, has assembled a night of miscellaneous jazz, funk, soul, R&B - a conglomeration of styles and people gathered here every session for your dancing and listening pleasure. There's always surprise guests and top notch singers and players and the most beautiful crowd you'll encounter on the West side on a Tuesday night.

The pix below are a sampling of recent guests who have soul-funked Harvelle's.

The one and only Nikki Grier.

Robert Miller, Ryan Cross and Dennis Hamm

Tricia Battani shakes her groove thang. Ryan Cross on bass.

Rachel Sierra gives it her all, Tom McNally (lft) on guitar.

Dennis Hamm works it out.

Dezmond Meeks and Keyrei join Tricia Battani on stage.

Tom McNally takes the lead. Rachel Sierra on the right.

Kevin Moore : Mondays at Harvelle's

Tonight is the penultimate time to see Kevin Moore in the laid-back atmosphere of one of L.A.'s most cherished and oldest establishments. Word is out that Monday nights at Harvelle's is something of a big deal. Come see what's up, as the world-class bluesman does what he does best. 

Singin', pickin' and grinnin', Kevin pleases the crowd with covers and originals and has such a great rapport with the crowd, it makes for an intimate and truly exciting night out on the town.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cafe R&B On A Saturday Night!

Another Saturday night, another sumptuous meal served up by the hands of Cafe R&B chefs. But it's not a restaurant - it's a state -of-mind - so be prepared to be filled spoonful by delicious spoonful of their evol brew.

Cafe R&B - the Southern California based rhythm and blues group dedicated to rockin' you  into a sweaty frenzy. In this case Harvelle's was the target of their blues explosion. Packing the dance floor, the mighty Roach lead the crowd through her double-edged Saturday night party/Sunday morning repentance vibe, as only someone who's lived it can! Roach is the real deal!!!

Byl Caruthers on guitar is a modern day bluesman with the chops and edginess of someone who grew up in the Mississippi delta. 

MWB : Miss Willie Brown
Tears It Down

The ladies of Miss Willie Brown - Kasey and Amanda - brought their country-fried rock rodeo back to Harvelle's. The sweet voiced duo is as delicious to listen to as they are to watch. The brass balled backing band (including Brian Allen on bass) pushes the club into a sweaty packed-to-capacity night of utter Miss Willie Brown-worship.