Saturday, May 1, 2010

John Lee Hooker Jr : Gangsterz Of Funk

Loud greasy sizzling John Lee Hooker Jr warns "don't stand too close to the stage or you'll get burned."

Blues gangster JLH Jr was born to do this and probably came out of Mrs. Lee Hooker's womb wearing dark sunglasses.

The man can sing the blues, he's got the funk.
Gangster + Funk = Gunk. Greasy bluez gunk. On a Saturday night.

At Harvelle's of course.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kirk Fletcher on a Monday : Easy like a Sunday

Kirk is the Vans™-wearing new school blues cat who shreds, throws down and brings some of the best players around to jam. He has a new CD, and his Monday night residency at Harvelle's has become a must-see stop for fans of r&b, soul and blues. Kirk Fletcher's band includes James Gadson on drums, Paulie Cera on vocals and sax, Luke Miller on keys, and tonight, "Ready" Freddie Washington on bass.

"Ready" Freddie Washington - 
the man who put the funk in Patrice Rushen's "Forget Me Nots
Kirk Fletcher has a new album. 
Adrian Hibbs rockin' the keys
Josh Smith tears it up
James Gadson - funkiest man alive
Rob Bacon
Alvino Bennett sitting in on drums
Luke Miller jams on the keys 
Freddie Washington on bass
Rob Bacon
Paulie Cera vocals and sax
Kirk Fletcher
Alvino Bennett
Bill Steinway
Sam Meek on lead guitar

Kirk's classic black Vans™