Friday, January 7, 2011

Vintage Trouble : Ty Taylor's Birthday Party

Looooooooook What The Wind Just Blew In.........

It was a celebration of Ty Taylor's birthday.
The TroubleMakers turned out in big numbers preparing to dance and drink and have a good time. "Good times" was the night's theme and we all rocked out til we were sweaty and the band ran out of encores.

The year is starting out big for Vintage Trouble with the announcement that Doc McGhee will be managing their career's direction; first stop - the UK.

Opening the night was blues-singer/r&b diva Gedina (pictured at the bottom of this post).

We'll do it again next Tuesday! See you then.

Thanks always to Vintage Trouble - Ty, Nalle, Rick, Richard and Charlie!
Shout-out to The Troublemakers!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vintage Trouble : It's Ty Taylor's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Ty Taylor!!
Keep doing whatever it is you're doing!!
It's workin' for ya!!

Ty Taylor is the lead singer and front man for Vintage Trouble, who play at Harvelle's every Tuesday night. Their CD "The Bomb Shelter Sessions" is available now!! (check it out on iTunes or Amazon)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

House Of Vibe :
New Year's Rockin' Night

It's the new decade...
The first of the year...
The year of the rabbit...
The season of the witch...
The Lord of the Rings...
The Call Of The Wild...
The Naked Soul Of Iceberg Slim and
The House Of Vibe.

Brew sings and plays keys.
It's a Saturday night.
and I'm at a special session of The House Of Vibe All Stars.
I'm tired.
Here's the pix:

Shaunte Palmer is my favorite trombonist!!
T-Smidi on vocals, Kris on guitar, Shaunte on vocals
Sebastian on trumpet
Fish on drums, Colin on bass, Kris on guitar
Shaunte is also a flutist (flautist?)
Greg Raymond
Greg on the keys - Kris on guitar

Cheers to Brew, Deploi, Jon Swift, Shaunte Palmer, Sebastian, Dan, Colin, Corey, Fish, Kris, Greg, Amy Lou, Chali 2Na, LaidLaw, T-Smidi, Ijeoma, FreeWill, Tony Tarasco and Alfredo Rivera.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Harvelle's : Ultimate New Year's Eve Spot

Ringing in the new year at Harvelle's seemed like the right way to start off 2011. The music, the people, the patrons, the staff - everyone is there for a good drama-free time. And that's what they deliver. Yes, there's party favors and a champagne toast at midnight, but you can get that anywhere. What makes Harvelle's special is the live music.

This year Guitar Shorty, Jimmy Z (sax, harmonica, vocals), Kirk Fletcher (guitar/vocals) and Jeff Young (keys and vocals) formed a sort of blues supergroup with power to spare. They rocked the crowd until way past midnight with the crowd still cheering for one more song!

Well now, we've all got another 365 days ahead to make some changes, change some vices and maybe pick up a few new ones.

You never can tell.

Happy new year to all the readers of this blog.