Thursday, May 6, 2010

Koffeehouse. Sessions. BOOM!

The first Thursday of the month at Harvelles is Koffeehouse, which encompasses an open mic starting at around 7, followed by sets by up and coming singer/songwriters.

Tonight's roster included the Dylanesque Ken Will Morton, the enormously popular Brock Baker (pictured below),

The Other Side Of Morning, who brought their heavy psychedelic folk - complete with a flying-V guitar - to roaring applause of approval,

and Boom Boom Boom who brought their original all acoustic bluesy flava and proved their songwriting and musical ability. And minimally too - percussion/upright bass/guitar (+harmonica) - three pieces, no electricity. You could understand all the words too.

Sponsoring the night was the Fender Music Foundation - a non profit that gives instruments to music education programs. Publicly supported, their website is well worth checking out. (Shout-out to CJ!)

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to Soul Funk : Back To Reality

DJ Vicious Lee made Ryan Cross' weekly jazz/funk throwdown an awesome place to be this Quatro De Mayo.

Ryan's roster of mega talented jazz cats never fail to disappoint.
Cedric Anderson put the groove in his pocket and did double-dutch with it. Cedric gets the party going and got everybody to sing along to "Skin Tight".
Dennis Hamm stretched out on the keys and our hero Ryan - of course - tamed the monster standup bass (as usual). He breezed through an extended solo, incorporating parts of "Come Together", "Billy Jean", "Brick House" and "So What" - digging deep into the neck, at times bowing the bee-jezus out of it.

Popp was on hand to slice and dice his guitar and guest bassist- Keith Rouster- burned hard on the left-handed 6 string.

And making the night an event was the aforementioned DJ Vicious Lee - the grandmaster cuttin' on 2 turntables. Dude spins the hottest sets. Check him as he rocks the house every Sunday night at Harvelle's as part of the Toledo Show.

Ryan Cross and co. reconvene next Tuesday with special guests tba.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kirk Fletcher : Blue Monday

How does it feel?
To treat me like you do?

Those are the first 2 lines of the
classic 80s New Order track "Blue Monday". Decades later Kirk and the Gang give new meaning to the term.

Listen to Kirk play the blues. Commiserate with others who hate Mondays or who just enjoy hangin' at Harvelle's.

Travis Carlton on bass, Luke Miller on keys and Vincent Foster on the drums back Kirk. Sam Meek also sat in on guitar.

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Location:4th St,Santa Monica,United States