Friday, July 16, 2010

Dessy Di Lauro : Bringing Tha Funk

There ain't much about funk to know except it makes your head move uncontrollably; it bounces your maggot brain around in your afroskull.
That feeling...
That is funk.

Tonight I didn't get to "Tha H" until the third set; when I did, I saw a petite little thing of a woman turning it out, hitting the high notes and effortlessly singing her soul out. Without resorting to Mariah-like tricks and avoiding Sasha Fierce-esque canned "r&b" Dessy Di Lauro can hit the notes, scat and give a vocal performance worthy of a much larger venue, so it's a special treat to hear vocals done solidly and with pure musicality in the comfort of Harvelle's.

Backing her was easily one if the funkiest bands I've seen of late.

Propelled by a rhythm duo - badass bassist Timothy Bailey, and a drummer with power in reserve - Deon Hariston - they dominated their respective kits into funk submission.

Together they made my cranium dance and do that thing it does whenever funk is around.

Onstage with Dessy was a duo of women - Brandi Williams and Deona Hariston - who could vibrate their vocal chords with dire passion and important soul messages.

Keyboardist and music director Ric'key Pageot finessed the keys with strong hands and strength of mind.

He rocked the accordion accordingly and funk was again brought. The dude was dressed impeccably as well.

Awesome horn section Winston Byrd on trumpet and trombonist Shaunte Palmer were tighter than Ringo Starr's snare drum.

Shaunte (pictured below with a club patron) also plays with Wednesday's regular House Of Vibe All Stars.

This next Wednesday Dessy and her band will be performing in place of HOVAS, so if you weren't there tonight you'll have another opportunity to get up, get into it and get involved.

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Location:4th St,Santa Monica,United States