Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zac Harmon: Do U Like The Blues?

While Mississippi may be known for it's roots in the blues, guitarist & singer Zac Harmon's repertoire goes much deeper.

"Let's Straighten It Out".
Rockin' the old-skool classic

Rockin the new-skool!
Corey Lacy on keys

Zac Harmon -guitar

"What's Going On"
Cedric Goodman -drums
Buthel -bass.

"Rock Me Baby".
Sueann Carwell dropped in for some vocals and mixed it with Denise La Salle's "Your Husband's Been Cheating On Us". WOW!!

During her performance a woman in the front, in a wheelchair, stood up and danced!! (She WAS aided by other dancers, but still it was nothing short of amazing to witness!!) See photo below!! Just another moment at Harvelle's.

Happy Funkfest Weekend everybody!
See you there?

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Location:4th St,Santa Monica,United States

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jessie Payo LIVE!! : Breakin' Her Fast

Jessie Payo recently announced on Facebook that she was taking a month off from singing. That time frame now over with, here she was at Harvelle's - looking great - but it was those in attendance who truly reaped the benefit of her respite. Sounding as great (or better) than she looked, Jessie quickly warmed the room with her soulful originals that she generously shares.
Jessie's performance tonight was part of the Koffeehouse Sessions, held at Harvelle's every 1st Thursday of the month, and her band included Johnny Stachela on guitar (above) and Frank Abraham on bass.

TOMORROW: TGIF Blues with Zac Harmon!!

Thanks to David & Cevin.
Special thanks to the Harvelle's staff : Candise, Mika, Guy, Samantha, Joseph, and Ernesto
Thumbs up to J., Kim Koury, Anastasia Roark and West 4th/Jane.
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Harvelle's Weekend : Plan Accordingly

Koffeehouse Sessions -
singer/songwriter showcase
feat Jessie Payo and others

Zac Harmon -
electric Mississippi blues

Blowin' Smoke -
blues dance party for a Saturday night

The Toledo Show -
dark erotic funky cabaret madness

Koffeehouse Sessions : Jessie Payo

Koffeehouse Sessions is every first Thursday of the month at Harvelle's. It's a time and place where up-and-coming artists have the chance to perform in a great club with a world class sound system.

Tonight's bill : Jessie Payo, Cliff Beach, Lost In Los Angeles and Terry Illous. The evening kicks off at 6:30 PM with an open mic.

Jessie Payo (left) is young and hip. Her image hangs high inside the walls of Harvelle's, she's been doing her thing here for years and she's guaranteed to charm, and make your night beautiful. (photo used by permission of J.P.)

FRIDAY NIGHT: Harvelle's hosts Zac Harmon, blues guitar legend, bringing you the greatest TGIF party on the West Side! Come join in, get some stank on your hang low, and say YES to the oldest, darkest, coolest bar around.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Strange Brew : Koffee House Of Vibe

Every Wednesday, the musical gang known as HOVAS (House Of Vibe All Stars) celebrates with a cheap time at a place where everybody knows your name.

If you've been, you know.

If you've never been, and you like funk, r&b, reggae, rock and soul performed by the funkiest crew west of Detroit, (or at least north of Abbot Kinney) tonight's the night.

Harvelle's pics (top) the beautiful smile of Ijeoma Njaka and HOV leader Brew 'pon da mic.

Koffeehouse Sessions is upon us. The first Thursday of every month is the singer/songwriter showcase that has the industry buzzing. The good people at Spin PR are sponsoring the night, which features Harvelle's "pin-up girl" Jessie Payo, Lost In Los Angeles, Terry Ilous and Cliff Beach. An open mic kicks things off at 6:30.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Arthur Adams : Strange Brew

Saturday night at Harvelle's with Arthur Adams was where it was at.

Arthur kept the crowd jumping and jiving with his move of making his way through the crowd, with his wireless guitar, onto the dance floor and down the aisles of the club and back again, soloing the whole time, never missing a beat. He's a rare breed and one of the best! Blessings to Arthur Adams and his Gibson ES335!

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Kirk Fletcher : Out Of The Dark

Monday night, blues new-jack Kirk Fletcher brings his thing to the stage at Harvelle's and lets loose with some of the nicest and coolest soloing in town. Augmented by a kick ass band including Bobby Tsukamoto on bass, Luke Miller on keys and Mark Shark on guitar they throw down, making classics into their own and having too much fun in the process.
The (left sleeve) tattooed Kirk can go arm-to-arm with any of the great blues legends, (and has) but does so on his own terms in a t-shirt, jeans and his signature black Vans™. Last week, Miss Willie Brown's Kasey and Amanda took the stage, along with guitarist Sam Meek - one of the hottest players around. Sam seriously set the place on fire as he led the group through some classic Southern rock. The place went wild!
Mark Shark
Kirk with Miss Willie Brown's Kasey and Amanda

TUESDAY :: Vintage Trouble, a bunch of hungry guys with rock 'n' roll swagger and one of the best frontmen currently working, Ty Taylor. These guys come to rock the crowd, and seemingly do it with little effort... the audience is young, happy, knows all the words and engage in non-stop dancing.

Come join in the movement!!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Toledo TIme : STOP! In The Name Of FUNK

George Clinton - long considered one of the true pioneers of funk (Bootsy Collins, George Duke and of course Sly Stone are some of the others) - posed this musical "q & a" on his 1975 track "Mothership Connection"::

Q:Is there funk after death?
A:Is Seven Up?

I hate when a question is answered with another question, but I always thought this particular notion was one to analyze, as that seems like the only answer available.
Things can get dark and baadassss when Toledo takes the stage. Backed by Asa on the drums, flanked by Spoonie (bass) & Brew (keys) on his left and Walter (sax), Shamari (vocals) & Rock (guitar) on his right, they're a veritable P-Funk Army frontline.
No one has proven George's QA theory beyond a shadow of a doubt - Isaac Hayes, James Brown and Billy Preston remain silent - but if it's gonna be known, it might be at a Toledo show. Ain't nobody fakin' it up in here.
Toledo Diamond is the real deal.
He talks the talk. He walks the walk. He dances the dance, tells the story, sings the song, makes zeee love and smokes the Erik™ cigars!! But most importantly he brings the funk!
The Toledo Show is at Harvelle's in Santa Monica every Sunday night. Showtime is promptly at 9:30, but get there early, you'll want to be able to have a good view, and the show is always standing room only.
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Thanks to Cevin and David at Harvelle's!!
Special shout-outs to the Toledo Show Dames :
Ashley, Erin and Mindy and the
Harvelle's cocktail servers :
Emily and Melinda