Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rosie Ledet : Rolling with some Cajun Queen

The return of Rosie!!! Rosie Ledet! The zydeco princess rocked the house and then some. Her sonic battalion of musical heavyweights surrounds her like bodyguards. This is no coincidence. While certainly strong enough and badass enough to take care of herself, having a band of large guys has it's advantages as Rosie is very popular with men in the crowd.

The enthusiasm in the room was palpable.
The air on the dance floor was thick.
Full of excited dancing singles and couples, there were also a fair amount of those *apparently* surprised - those who had never seen such acts of brazen yet feminine funkiness - they bounced around uncontrollably, mouths ajar. Her drool inducing performance is unlike anything else. Singing and squeezing her accordion across her abdomen, she's quite a sight!

Rosie rocks!
Rosie rolls!
Rosie rules!
Watch video of her @ Harvelle's performing her song "You Can Eat My Poussiere"

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Rosie Ledet : Born On The Bayou

Zydeco's cajun princess, Rosie Ledet, is at Harvelle's tonight! Start the weekend with rollicking good time funky zydeco. This will be a wild night full of dancing and great music by the sexy and talented Ms Ledet!

9:30 Showtime!

Rosie Ledet : Eat My Pouissere

Rosie Ledet is Louisiana born and bred and is one of Zydeco's most exciting performers. The young accordion playin' cajun princess was here a few months ago, and she shook up the night, bringing flavors and sonics all her own. Check out her Myspace profile for a sample.

To watch this woman sing and squeeze the instrument situated on her hip is pure joy. The music itself is made for dancing. Rosie is one of the freshest, most vibrant players on the scene, and this should be a great show tonight.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekend At Harvelle's : Plan Accordingly

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Harlow Gold
hottest burlesque
reservations recommended

Rosie Ledet
return engagement
of rockin' zydeco

Dennis Jones
blues baadasss

The Toledo Show
erotic dark
cabaret du funk

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vintage Trouble : Live In Concert

I don't know the names of the guys in Vintage Trouble. I guess
I could Google it, or go to their website- - but what's important here, is that

everyone else here, not only know these guys by name, but they know every word to every song, and they're here every Tuesday night.

Tuesday at Harvelles is Vintage Trouble's room. VT is in concert and everyones happy bout it.

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Location:4th St,Santa Monica,United States