Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blowin' Smoke : What A Lovely Way To Burn!!

First time I've seen the Blowin' Smoke since Canadian guitarist Dave Rave's return to the lower 48 and specifically the glamour of L.A.(!).

Possibly buoyed by the prescence of Guitar Shorty, Dave played the Strat. He sliced and diced it every which way he could. Hail! Hail! Dave Rave!! Blowin' Smoke is big and baaad and always showcases these amazing women singers. It's a one-of-a-kind blues experience!

Also in the house : Jimmy Z!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today Is Carolina's Birthday

Carolina used to dance at Harvelle's every Tuesday as part of Bongo Fury - an amazing nu-skool burlesque triumph that was my sole impetus for coming to Harvelle's many years ago. While Bongo Fury no longer exists as it did - I made some amazing friends: Walter Davis, Asa Watkins, Bjørn Fleuren, Victor Orlando, Toledo Diamond, Adrian Govind and of course Carolina Cerisola.

Happy Birthday Carolina!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jimmy Z : A Night With The Z-Tribe

Jimmy Z. brought his Z-Tribe through Harvelle's last night and set the roof ablaze with scorching blues and white hot performances by everyone in the band. The pictures hardly do the night justice, as Jimmy Z - on sax, harmonica and vocals - led his group through hotter-than-hell versions of some classic blues and Jimmy Z originals. Don Swanson from Cafe R&B was on hand and sat in on the drums for a number.

The Z man blowin' harp.
Burn baby burn!
BR on guitar and vocals
Tom Philman on drums and vocals
Mo Beeks on keys and vocals
Vince Tividad on bass
Jimmy shaking his maracas
Don Swanson having a great time sitting in.
Another great night of dancing, drinkin' and celebratin' the blues! Harvelle's on a Saturday Night can't be beat!! If you ain't been, and you like live music, fun people and lots of dancing you might want to consider Harvelle's as your destination.

Special shout-out to Simon from Australia