Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jimmy Z & Z-Tribe

Jimmy Z And The Z-Tribe are what Harvelle's is all about!

A Saturday night, a packed house, a few cocktails and some of the best Chicago blues you'll hear outside the windy city. Jimmy Z plays harmonica and sax on tour with Etta James, and to paraphrase her - a better bluesman would be hard to find. Jimmy Z's got quite a pedigree, having played with everyone from Tom Petty to N.W.A. His performances at Harvelle's are legendary, so come check it out.

Friday, September 11, 2009

J.T. Ross : Blues Bday Party
All Night Long!!

JT Ross always brings a party, but this Friday is his birthday, so it's gonna be off the charts!!! Harvelle's is JT Ross' main LA blues haunt so it was a "no brainer" as to where to throw his B-Day Bash. Come celebrate JT's birthday, raise your glass, give a little speech and dance to old school blues, rock & roll, R&B and Soul. . . All nite long!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

House Of Vibe : Tuna Melt

Chali 2na (below) gave us a party we won't soon forget Wednesday night at Harvelle's! The night's theme was 'sweat', and that we did, as the non-stop dance floor remained packed and kinetic.
House Of Vibe took their playing to an inspirational new level, as the musicians - Greg Raymond (keys), Pete Antunes (drums), Kris Hawkins (guitar), Corey Cofield (bass), Anthony Brewster (keys and vocals), Sebastian Legar (trumpet) Shaunte Palmer (trombone), Dan Boissy(sax)and Amy Lou (percussion) - jammed furiously, stunning and moving all at once. Westside Tribe members Deploi, Jon Swift and Tony Tarasco, took the stage like they were doing battle. And winning.
The party's highlight was Chali and his brother Laid Law (above). The H.O.V. backed hour-long set of new songs and classic Jurassic 5 (Chali's rap group) had the crowd singing along, waving their arms in the air and thrilled with the awesome 'robot dance' (below) he and Laid Law perpetrated.
Chali & Brew
Laid Law
Westside Tribe's Jon Swift & Deploi
Kris, Tony Tarasco & Deploi
TheArtist Kiki
Kasey and Amanda
(Miss Willie Brown)
[playing at Harvelle's on Sept 24]
Dan & Shaunte

The beautiful crowd included the ladies from Miss Willie Brown (Kasey & Amanda), Cecilia Noel (playing at Harvelle's on the 17th of Sept), TheArtist-Kiki and a plethora of fan's of true hip-hop.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MK & The Gentlemen
performing live with The White Buffalo

Chali 2NA w the House of Vibe 'VIDEO'

Live from Harvelle's last Wednesday

C2-OH! : House of Vibe & Chali 2na

Wednesday is the funkiest night of the week. Not only is it "hump day", but today especially is 9-9-09, which is some kind of cosmic sign that we should all stop and smell the roses. Tonight - stop and smell the tuna - Chali 2na that is - as he throws down with the House Of Vibe All Stars.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Of Love : The Toledo Show

Labor Day eve and where am I?
Celebrating at the Toledo Show!

Summer's practically over, but you wouldn't know by the heat inside Harvelle's this past Sunday night. Sweaty as H-E-L-L, the brave crowd endured and rocked so hard that they almost broke my neck!

Dame Ashley
Toledo, Sebastian, Brew
Asa on drums, Toledo
Sebastian and Brew
Toledo Diamond