Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Awesome Night @ Bongo Fury

There's something very cool about being out on a Tuesday night. And if you're watching burlesque dancers, it can be downright subversive! This past Tuesday night Bongo Fury brought the crowd out; drinking, dancing and witnessing both club fave Annika, and the voluptuous Nina (lower right) shake their groove thangs.

Walter Davis - the master of ceremonies - led his white-hot group through 3 sets of terrific urban jazz alternating between his alto and baritone sax (with a bit of flute). Holding it down were the guys - Asa on drums, Bjorn on bass and Victor Orlando on congas and bongos. DJ Daylight on the wheels of steel kept the party going in between sets, and had the dance floor sweaty and crowded. Our man Toledo sat in with the band on a couple of numbers, perpetrating his gritty soulfulness while smoking cigarillos.

If you missed it - come see it live and up close for yourself next Tuesday.

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