Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gary Myrick Talks In Stereo

Gary Myrick ripped it up, bringing the party to 4th a big way. His band Gary Myrick's Guitarista is kinda rockabilly, kinda bluesy and completely rockin'! The crowd agreed as they stayed on their feet through out the night dancing. The band, which features Jeff Page on drums and Tom Felicetta on bass, played rock classics and originals, including the hit "She Talks In Stereo". It should be noted that Myrick is an incredibly talented guitarist, playing many different styles.

The stage was crowded with people having a good time - a wholesome young singer named Danielle joined in enthusiastically on many of the songs and the Guitarista Go-Go Girls - Harmony & Day Day - danced non-stop in teeny bikinis through every one of the band's songs. The first few rows of people were obviously hypnotized by the girls' moves and stamina!

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