Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Funkin' Fuzed Blooz with J.T. Ross

Thursday night Harvelle's hosts the triumphant return of J.T. Ross, the harmonica boss to show what harmonoica blooz is all about. Chicago Funk Blues from the 1970’s coupled with the contemporary edginess of bands like Soulive, Lettuce and New Orleans' own Galactic. Join JT Ross and his FunkinFuzedBlooz Jamband as they embark on a sonic journey to other musical worlds and push the envelope to psychedelic heights.

While the band kicks out the jams - Go-Go Goddesses and the oh so sweet petite Roller Girl Bridget will have you drooling and breathing so heavy - you’ll need an oxygen machine just to catch your breath.

So, put on your seat belt - and get ready for the musical joy ride of your life.
Hey - it’s FunkinFuzedBlooz baby !

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