Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bongo Fury : The Pre-New Years Eve

Shhhhhhhhhhh.... it's Bongo Fury. 

The city's coolest secret burlesque night, featuring the live afro-cuban samba of the city's coolest 4 piece group, led by the incomparable Mr. Walter Davis (sax, flute) with Victor Orlando (bongos/congas), Asa Watkins (drums) and Bjørn Fleuren (bass).

The night's secret lies in the ultimate beauty of the 2 featured dancers. With a wealth of L.A.'s best of the best dancers in his Rolodex™ the night's dancers always rate "10"s all around. Breathtakingly beautiful, scantily clad, shaking, jiggling, writhing on the floor, these women are from all over the world, but now they're here.

In between sets DJ Daylight spins soulful wax and Brazilian beats.

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