Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kevin Moore : Returning after 15 years!

The crew at Harvelle's are excited as hell to have Kevin Moore back in the club!
So, where's he been all these years?

Los Angeles born Moore, was a Harvelle's regular some 15 years ago, (before he adopted his better known stage name), performing every Sunday night for 2 years.

When he left his Harvelle's residency, his vision complete, his music encompassed not only his take on authentic delta blues, but many genres including folk, jazz and r&b. 

The man is a singer/songwriter at the core, but with his amazing guitar talent, most consider him an authentic bluesman. He's collaborated with Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne, but this month, he returns to the "home" where he first worked out the music that is an integral part of his repertoire. Every Monday til the end of the year, Kevin Moore will be at Harvelle's, right here in Santa Monica.

Come early. 
This is gonna be a real treat for fans of the blues.

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