Wednesday, March 18, 2009

House Of Vibe All-Stars :
The Baadasss Funkateers

Not just the funky, but the reggae, the jazz, the rock and soul are interpreted by the Westside's favorite rhythm and blues crew. That is the House Of Vibe All-Stars. That's every Wednesday night. If you haven't seen 'em, this crew lay it deep in the pocket all night long (or at least until last call). 

The sparkling SaMo crowd is all about the music and down to party mid-week with the All-Stars and their humble leader Anthony Brewster (aka Brew).

The HOV Allstars party wouldn't be complete without the Westside Tribe's Deploi and John Swift.

Awesome musicians and singers are always sitting in. Brew invited these baadasss funkateers  Valerie (dr), Bana(bs) (left) and Amy Lou (above) on congas and percussion a couple of weeks back. They blew minds and turned it out.

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