Monday, April 13, 2009

How Funky Is (Was) Sweet Pea Atkinson?

Mondays just got a whole lot funkier at Harvelle's. 

The marquee says Sweet Pea Atkinson, but fans of alternative contemporary R & B would recognize that name and that of Sir Harry Bowens as the voices of the group known as Was (Not Was). Indeed, several members of the funky but chic group are present, and the show is a soul revue that would make Otis Redding smile.

Guitarist Randy Jacobs, takes a back seat in the group dynamic, but his playing - which mixes the electricity of Eddie Hazel with the chicka-chicka rhythm of Nile Rodgers - takes a backseat to no one!

Dancing with wild abandon, the funk drives the crowd to the dance floor filling it with couples and lots of women! Considering it's a Monday night and we're in a "recession", this band is ready to party! Certainly, Sir Harry will jump into the audience for some James Brown dance moves, and the reserved Mr Atkinson will wow with his commanding vocals, understated brilliance and eloquent style.

This is highly recommended!

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