Friday, June 26, 2009

Kirk & The Gang :
Kirk Fletcher Shreds Into The Night.

Kirk Fletcher stayed in the shadows - dressed in black jeans, black t-shirt and black skateboard shoes -but his unmistakable guitar ability was definitely center-stage. His shredding pays a debt to everyone from Buddy Guy to Eddie Van Halen.  Matching his Telecaster with equal amounts sweet and gritty - on his right - was Strat wielding Sam*.  Legendary drummer James Gadson held down the beat in his unflinching heavy-soul style. The band even jammed out on "Use Me" (Gadson played on the original Bill Withers version). 

Baadasss Brian Allen played the bass - his bandmate from Miss Willie Brown - Luke* played all the keys. Paulie* kept the whole thing together, leading the group with Otis-y style vocals and saxophone.

*(didn't get their last names...
will re-post with the correct info)

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