Friday, August 21, 2009

Who's At Harvelle's This Weekend?

Tonight Key Frances sets the bar high for the weekend. Friday, his grungy electric blues band play in support of the new Red Room release "Rough And Raw".

Saturday, Blowin' Smoke bring the jams with their awesome party atmosphere and showcase of the fabulous vocals of the Smokettes, 3 pretty fantastic soul singers with something to prove. I'm pretty sure they're up to it.

Sunday is The Toledo Show. The dark electric funk cabaret is a dramatic crazy tango of which there is nothing like it. Must be experienced to fully understand. Last week's celebration of Toledo's birthday brought the house to capacity, which is not uncommon, so plan accordingly. 

Harvelle's is the oldest music establishment in Los Angeles; it's the number one place to hear live jazz and blues since 1931!

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