Friday, September 18, 2009

A Gozár! : The Cecilia Noel Experience

Understand this : Cecilia is a superstar.
Cecilia Noel's Harvelle's performance last night was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Cecilia and her Wild Clams went through 2 super-tight non-stop sets of over-the-top energetic latin-funk. She did her thing and left me sweaty and exhausted and wanting more. The ultra feminine, hyper-sexy Cecilia spun my head around and got my nose wide open. If you haven't heard Cecilia Noel check her out on Youtube, Myspace, Google her or click the link above.

A extra-special shout out to Wild Clam singer/dancer Ijeoma Njaka, (2nd from right above) a regular 'round Harvelle's, often sitting in with House Of Vibe All Stars. You were awesome!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick, Always great to see you at Harvelle's and thanks for the love! We had a BLAST!!! Ijeoma

Joy said...

Don't know why I haven't been to Harvelles since I saw Peter Tork years ago. Cici, you're certainly no Auntie Grizelda.