Monday, January 25, 2010

Down to it. Monday. It ain't so bad.

Yeah yeah yeah.
I don't like Mondays. No one does. But here we are. Another one.
I have one close friend that I simply never contact on a Monday. She just isn't down. It's a civil enough request.

So unless a major celebrity dies or someone we both know is on TV, we're mute for the day. Tonight, she unexpectedly invited me to the movies.
It was fun.
But I'm here now.
And damn happy.
The bar is crowded.
I hear female laughter.
There is dancing.

Kirk Fletcher's band is onstage.

Travis Carlton on bass. Paulie Cera on sax and singing the blues. Josh Smith on guitar and legendary skinsman James Gadson keeping watch over the funk. Sir Harry Bowen is here and singing sweet soul (the way he does).

It's not complicated.
No need to overthink it. It's only Monday.

J-dizzle in the hizzle.

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Laurie Peterson said...

Hey Nick
Love the Blog...really starting to feel it... :)