Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday On Tap : PAYOTE & BUSHWALLA

With a double bill on tap, I arrived at Harvelle's earlier than usual - around 9 - I didn't want to miss a note of singer Jessie Payo's band PAYOTE. Featuring Johnny Stachela on guitar, Vince Fossett on drums, Aaron Leibowitz on sax and Bjorn Fleuren on bass, there was an implied "no disappointments" guarantee.

Johnny Stachela opened the set with some laptop slide playing, accompanying Jessie's lone vocal. As the band gathered onstage, Jessie treated us to some new tunes and a couple of faves, all the while, Johnny digging into those frets coaxing every single blue note out of his Gibson SG.

As reported here before, Jessie has a voice literally like no other. A magical explosion of blues, soul, gospel, country and classic rock's greatest, it has drama and passion, make you rock or break your heart.

I can't write about Jessie Payo without also mentioning her playful personality and sexy appearance (or is it the other way around?). She exudes warmth and beauty and love.

She's got it all.

An Adidas man, like myself - a man fraternally nick-named Bushwalla - packed the place with fans, and entertained them with his tight band and great songs, that the crowd knew every word of. His bright red Sambas boasted white triple stripes, and kept the singer/songwriter buoyant and respectable as he set the night on fire.

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