Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gino Matteo. Funky Funky Funky

Friday night.
The funkiest night of the week. Brought to you by Harvelles, courtesy of Gino Matteo and sponsored - in part- by the letters F-U-N and K.

Gino always brings the blues, the soul, the guitar histrionics and the tightest band I've seen at Harvelles in a while.

Gino doesn't hang around these parts often, so when he comes to rock the party, he does it big never limiting himself to one sound or style. His first set was over 2 hours and focused on blues. His second set was everything and anything funky… Meters, Michael Jackson, Booker T, soloing his ass off.

As he solo-ed off the stage into the crowd of revelers, he took the party to the next level.

Hail Hail Rock n Roll!
Hail Hail Gino Matteo!!

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