Monday, August 30, 2010

Kirk Fletcher : The Bridge Is Over

Guitarist Kirk Fletcher has been playing at Harvelle's every Monday night for a longtime. Tonight that residency ends. The new jack bluesman with the black Vans skateboard shoes won't be gracing the stage at Harvelle's on the regular any longer. I'm sure we'll see him around the club and I'm pretty sure he's playing one night in Sept. But Mondays are done.

Tonight was a night full of surprises. Backing Kirk was Gary Fegason on drums, Bobby Tsukamoto on bass (pictured above and below)and Josh Sklair on guitar (also above and below Bobby's pic).

This would have been enough. The 4 of them together were supersonic and mighty.

Sitting in were a bakers half-dozen of guests including funky sexy cool singer Lisa Foreman (above) and Page-esque guitarist John Nevolo (below).

The second set opened with singer Sir Harry Bowen (photo below) who took over the night on vocals.

Nothing excited tonights room full o' blues however like the onstage appearance of guitar genius Joe Bonamassa (not pictured).

You could literally feel the room a-twittering and updating their facebook status with the news of what they were watching.

Kirk - I've spent many a night at Harvelle's watching you play the hell out that axe like nobody's business. Thank you.

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