Sunday, August 1, 2010

Toledo TIme : STOP! In The Name Of FUNK

George Clinton - long considered one of the true pioneers of funk (Bootsy Collins, George Duke and of course Sly Stone are some of the others) - posed this musical "q & a" on his 1975 track "Mothership Connection"::

Q:Is there funk after death?
A:Is Seven Up?

I hate when a question is answered with another question, but I always thought this particular notion was one to analyze, as that seems like the only answer available.
Things can get dark and baadassss when Toledo takes the stage. Backed by Asa on the drums, flanked by Spoonie (bass) & Brew (keys) on his left and Walter (sax), Shamari (vocals) & Rock (guitar) on his right, they're a veritable P-Funk Army frontline.
No one has proven George's QA theory beyond a shadow of a doubt - Isaac Hayes, James Brown and Billy Preston remain silent - but if it's gonna be known, it might be at a Toledo show. Ain't nobody fakin' it up in here.
Toledo Diamond is the real deal.
He talks the talk. He walks the walk. He dances the dance, tells the story, sings the song, makes zeee love and smokes the Erik™ cigars!! But most importantly he brings the funk!
The Toledo Show is at Harvelle's in Santa Monica every Sunday night. Showtime is promptly at 9:30, but get there early, you'll want to be able to have a good view, and the show is always standing room only.
all pix taken at Harvelle's with the Hipstamatic™ app for the iPhone™

Thanks to Cevin and David at Harvelle's!!
Special shout-outs to the Toledo Show Dames :
Ashley, Erin and Mindy and the
Harvelle's cocktail servers :
Emily and Melinda

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