Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harvelle's Weekend : Plan Accordingly!

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Kirk Fletcher : New-jack blues guitarist (formerly of The Fabulous Thunderbirds).Backing Kirk is Luke Miller/keys, Calvin Turner/bass, Lemar Carter/drums, and Kris Bradley on vocals.

Club favorites The Boneshakers bring their super bad grooves featuring the vocals of Mr Sweet Pea Atkinson (Lyle Lovett, Was (Not Was)).

Prepare to dance and let loose, as Arthur Adams brings down the house with his home brew; combining legendary vocals and electric blues soulfulness.

Experience the dark erotic funky burlesque cabaret that is The Toledo Show.

Harvelle's is your one stop shop for an evening out. Located in the heart of Santa Monica's utopian downtown, Harvelle's provides the music, the cocktails, the cats, the dames and the whole dirty deal. If you've been, you know. If you have yet to, check it out; inside it's dark with red booths and a black and white checkerboard dance floor. It's always a great time and I'm usually hangin' out somewhere in the house.
See you there.

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