Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toledo Show : Mad, Bad
And Dangerous To Know

It's a Sunday night at Harvelle's and that means only one thing!
The awesomely delicious burlesque funk performers collectively known as the Toledo Show are taking over!! From 9:30 til close, The Toledo Show have been bringing their patented blend of bump 'n' grind funk with the gritty storytelling of front man/lead singer Toledo Diamond.
Allison (violin) and Sebastian (trumpet)
Toledo Diamond is a legend.
He is easily the hardest working man in show business. He is definitely one of the most entertaining. And you know what? I think I'm underselling it here.
Brian Allen (bass)
Brew (keys)

Toledo is mesmerizing.
Sober as a statue, his only vice being his steady stream of Erik™ cigars, he ringmasters one of the funkiest musical experiences I've ever been privy to witness. Tight as a snare drum, this group, which ranges in numbers from 4 - 15 (+) features singers, horn players, rappers, keyboardists, one of the greatest bass players ever(!) - basically, everything you would need if you were going into funky battle.
Shamari (vocals)

This has been going on for the better part of a decade at Harvelle's, and the rabid fans and Toledo Show every-week regulars are almost as much a part of the show as what's going on onstage. Especially for the un-indoctrinated, there's a bit of a cultural learning curve; The Toledo Show's funk exists at almost lethal levels and seems at it's best, when mixed with much sweat from dancing and perhaps a cocktail (or two)* from Mika or John behind the bar.
Women have been known to swoon at Toledo's aura, and men have become instantly smitten by the waaaay too-sexy dancing girls known as The Dames (not pictured here).
Walter Davis (saxophone)

Besides the music though, witnessing the clothes, the sound, the lights, the dancing girls, the aerialists, the Toledo fans, the sexy women in the front, the cats, the dames; the whole dirty deal.... will leave you glad you decided to step out on a Sunday night.

It's a scene man.
You gotta check it out!
(There's CDs for sale behind the bar if you want a souvenir)

*never drink and drive!!

Big Blog shout-outs to Mr. Toledo Diamond, Brian Allen, Walter Davis, Leigh (aerialist) and
The Dames : Erin, Mindy, Ashley, Leah & Molly.
Happy belated birthday to Jackie O'Neill!
Special thanks always to David and Cevin and the
Harvelle's Sunday cast & crew - John, Mika, Melinda, Emily, Stan & Ernesto.
Howdy to Kasey, Amanda and Baby Blues Bar-B-Q

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