Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blowin' Smoke : What A Lovely Way To Burn!!

First time I've seen the Blowin' Smoke since Canadian guitarist Dave Rave's return to the lower 48 and specifically the glamour of L.A.(!).

Possibly buoyed by the prescence of Guitar Shorty, Dave played the Strat. He sliced and diced it every which way he could. Hail! Hail! Dave Rave!! Blowin' Smoke is big and baaad and always showcases these amazing women singers. It's a one-of-a-kind blues experience!

Also in the house : Jimmy Z!

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Anonymous said...

What a great band !!!! Led by the one & only, Bassist/
Vocalist, Larry "Fuzzy" Knight, drummer- Chris Ross,
guitarist- Dave Rave(n), keyboardist- Dona Oxford,
trombone- Lance Keller, trumpet - Johnny V, tenor sax - Tom Morgan, Jr., tenor sax - Jim Thompson
The Smokettes; Lyrica Garrett, LaQuita Perry, Christina Vierra !!
Special "Guest Celebrities", who performed with Blowin' Smoke; blues legend- Guitar Shorty, Harp player extraordinaire, vocalist, saxophone man - Jimmy "Z",
drummer - Don Littleton, vocalists; Julie (Julez) Harris and MaxAyn Lewis......... whew !!! How did all those musicians & singers fit onto that stage ????
Best damn show "in Town"