Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Café R & B : Her Name Is Roach!

I have run outta adjectives trying to describe the greatest band that plays at Harvelle's.

Suffice it to say that I get a wild thrill hearing lead singer Roach's insanely beautiful voice transcend anger, power and lovin' - all the emotions at once. (I guess I got a few adjectives left.)

Lucky for her she's driven a Cadillac full of the meanest, grimiest players; soul hitchhikers picked up along the way from the blues swamps of the South to the West coast revivalist movement.

A talent like Roach is such a rare find that it's almost too heavy to fathom. Seeing Cafe R&B in such a small venue is a blues fans' dream come true. An experience to write home about.

Cafe R&B, is Byl Caruthers - guitar, Roach - vocals, Bobby Pickett- bass, Don Swanson - drums, and Harry Cohen on the organ.

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