Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Toledo Show :
Shamari's Having A Par-tay!!

The annual birthday celebration of Shamari of The Toledo Show took place this past Sunday. The revved up atmosphere was like an Xmas explosion. Tinsel and presents everywhere! There was rumors of Shamari descending from the ceiling - which were exaggerations - although she did have at least 3 clothing changes through out the night. Happy Birthday Shamari! Enjoy your next trip around the sun!

Shamari - seen here beaming in the rapture of a Spoonie bass solo.

The night was all about Shamari and her prescence ...errr presents.

That's Mindy. One of The Toledo Show Dames.

Shamari raises the roof!

Walter Davis on the saxophone.

Walter Davis is incomparable. That has been proven by Toledo Diamond. This post about The Toledo Show features no photos or mentions of Toledo himself. That doesn't seem right. It's The TOLEDO Show. He's Toledo. My apologies to Toledo.

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