Tuesday, January 4, 2011

House Of Vibe :
New Year's Rockin' Night

It's the new decade...
The first of the year...
The year of the rabbit...
The season of the witch...
The Lord of the Rings...
The Call Of The Wild...
The Naked Soul Of Iceberg Slim and
The House Of Vibe.

Brew sings and plays keys.
It's a Saturday night.
and I'm at a special session of The House Of Vibe All Stars.
I'm tired.
Here's the pix:

Shaunte Palmer is my favorite trombonist!!
T-Smidi on vocals, Kris on guitar, Shaunte on vocals
Sebastian on trumpet
Fish on drums, Colin on bass, Kris on guitar
Shaunte is also a flutist (flautist?)
Greg Raymond
Greg on the keys - Kris on guitar

Cheers to Brew, Deploi, Jon Swift, Shaunte Palmer, Sebastian, Dan, Colin, Corey, Fish, Kris, Greg, Amy Lou, Chali 2Na, LaidLaw, T-Smidi, Ijeoma, FreeWill, Tony Tarasco and Alfredo Rivera.

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