Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday Night : UltraLovin' It

Ultralove is cool.
And all you have to do is see him live to know.

When you're at an Ultralove show, it's like you're at a party and you're welcome. It's laidback, fun and cool. The dance floor is full and the drinks are flowing*. The Ultralove band is sharp, insane and deep in the pocket. Rhythm section Seth Murphy (drums) and Mike Gunn (bass) hold... it.... DOWN!! These are the guys you want in your backline. And forget about it- Douglas Showalter (guitars) and Adam Berg (keys) are impressive, original and unforgettable. The hooks stay long after the show is over. I've heard members of the Harvelle's staff singing "Imma Be" way past last call. It's truly infectious. I must also mention Love Logiq and Soulstar who provide a hot vocal ambience that fills the room.

Slow your roll sweet peaches... Ultralove plays every Monday night at Harvelle's in Santa Monica. They have a CD available "Revolution" on iTunes and Amazon. *Don't drink and drive.

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