Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UltraLove : Valentine's Day

What's worse than not having a Valentine's Day date? Having one who cancels at the last minute. I had planned a romantic evening that would have ended at the UltraLove show. I went anyway. UltraLove's music always puts me in a good mood, as does the man himself - Mike "Ultralove" Wagner. That's him in the argyle sweater vest below.

Also in the photo above is vocalists Love Logiq on the left and T-Smidi on the right. The other members of UltraLove include Doug Showalter on guitar, Adam Berg on keys, Mike Gunn on bass and Seth Murphy on drums. Singer Soul Star was recently in a car accident, so she was not in the house. Wishing her a speedy recovery!!
Pan America (above) has been opening for UltraLove recently. Come early and check them out!!
Special thanks to Sheena for these pix!!


GEDINA said...

I look forward to making it into this blog soon =)
Had a great time opening for Ultra last night!! xx Gedina

Nick Faigin said...

You've already made it!! Check out the post about Ty Taylor's birthday: http://harvelles.blogspot.com/2011/01/vintage-trouble-ty-taylors-birthday.html