Sunday, May 8, 2011

Delgado Bros : Something In The Water

The Delgado Brothers are a natural born phenomenon. Intensely musical, they fire it up and perform like a well-oiled machine, pumping soul-drenched blues and r&b, exhibiting a standard far above a "bar band". Each brother is better than the next, playing with raw emotion and years of experience - all with poet's souls. They play the blues and jam what can only be called "soul music" in the most literal sense- because it comes from their souls.

guitarist Joey Delgado

The Delgado Brothers embody the soul of East L.A.
Bob Delgado on bass and lead singer/drummer Steve Delgado
The man on the keys- Dave Kelly - is lightning fast and gets many, many cool points for playing a genuine B3 with it's spinning Leslie amp. The shit is heavy!! You have to be a real dedicated muthafucker to commit to that!!
Joey Delgado displays dazzling guitar work. An incredible musician!!

It's always a thrill to watch world class musicians do their thing. The Delgado Brothers are the real deal. If you've never seen 'em live, that's something you can rectify. They play Harvelle's approximately every other month, so be aware. You can always check Harvelle's Facebook page for daily updates.

A big Saturday night shout-out to Joseph, Alex, Sheena, John, Mika, Erin and Ernesto. Thanks always to David and Cevin. And one more shout-out to Keith, E-Z, Demitrius and Dino at West 4th/Jane.


Lisa said...

The Delgado Brothers are outtasight! They get into the groove and then take you to another level of funky blues. Check them out and you'll have "No Regrets"! Love them madly, Lisa Minjares

Anonymous said...

I love this guy Nick, he took the words right out of my mouth. When the Brothers play I feel their souls! They have brought many joyful tears to my eyes over the years! Debbie

Anonymous said...

I always say DB's are L A 's best kept secret, Los Lonley Girls have nothing on Delgado Brothers! Delgado Bro's are the shit! the real deal and the nicest gentlemen you will ever know, not like Los Lonley girls who think they are gods gift! and the only reason I'm singeling out LLB, is because the two have alot in common in the way of vocal harmony, plus LLB acted pretty snotty in a recient concert along w Delgado, I guess they have forgotton where they came from.... check out Delgado Bros if you get a chance you will not be dissappointed! Im sorry for the negitive comments but that's the way I feel..