Friday, August 12, 2011

In Da Pocket : Mark Goldberg

Mark "Pocket" Goldberg [official website] stands at the front of the stage, his beautifully ornate upright bass held in his thick hands submitting to the jazzy blues notes that the man coaxes out of it's f-holes. Mark's appearance at Harvelle's was full of classic blues by Elmore James and Robert Johnson, as well as his own originals. His gravelly-cool vocals create an inviting storyteller dynamic, that kept the ├╝ber-hip crowd thoroughly entertained!

Mark "Pocket" Goldberg's CD "Off The Alleyway" is available
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Anonymous said...

Thank you, my Brother...

Anonymous said...

It was really fun music/performance that told a story with style!!!
I want to hear more of the story....It was real.I have never seen him before but this guy makes you want to hug him after the show.