Monday, November 7, 2011

Ultralove's Monday : My World And Welcome To It

Venice resident Mike "Ultralove" Wagner spends his days as a mild mannered folk singer, appearing at lounges and happenings around his 'hood. His blend of modern singer/songwriter sensibilities infused with hip-hop hooks, both sung and rapped by the Philly native have created a bit of a buzz down here. And on Monday nights, Ultralove takes the stage at Harvelle's with his group, which is stacked with players who augment his songs with crack-shot arrangements and righteous in-the-pocket grooves.

 Ultralove, Seth Murphy, Doug Showalter

 Other members of the band are Mike Gunn on bass, John Piazza (aka John Swift) on keys and rapping, and DJ Paper on turntables. If you haven't experienced Ultralove live, you should; the band truly delivers! Here's a video from this past week's show. The song "Rich and Famous" has a killer hook and in this extended jam version special guests Jon Swift, Joe Con, Sebastien Leger on trumpet and DJ Paper bring their "A" game! Bless Ultralove, he does what he does and makes the world a better place.

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