Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hilary VanLier : Bewitching Chanteuse

I must admit, I've become bewitched by Hilary VanLier (above with Ryan Cross, top, and Chelsea Nichole).

Her movie star looks and So-Cal style make her the uniqu-est of musical creatures... the born-again lounge singer. Aligning herself with Ryan Cross, Gene Coye and Brandon Coleman - some of the most innovative players around - has been a smart choice for Ms. VanLier who knows "it ain't what you do - it's the way that you do it" and she knows how to do it - showcase her voice, that is.

Somewhere between Steely Dan's jazzy playfulness and Jill Scott's rock-solid soul, she takes an ernest "Carlyle Hotel"-approach, and then performs it with the straight-forwardness of Debbie Harry. 

She's a chanteuse. 
How many of them do YOU know?

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