Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miss Willie Brown : Which One's Willie?

Remeniscent of Pink Floyd t-shirts in the 1970s that read "Which one's Pink?", a "Which One's Willie?" campaign might be something that the Southern women might wanna consider. The answer is that Amanda (the one who plays guitar) and Kasey (the one who doesn't) are collectively and officially Miss Willie Brown; 2 Venice locals who wait tables at one of the city's best Bar-B-Que joints, but with their sweet harmonies and their kick ass approach, the day job looks dangerously close to being not needed. They have what it takes. 

Completely engaging the crowd, even jumping onto the dance floor for a brief twirl with some enthusiastic fans, their songs are about freedom, relationships and .... 
bad relationships!

The intense 4 piece band pushed it to the max, dynamically backing the women. No small task, considering Kasey and Amanda's bookended high energy dose. Given genrous solos throughout the night the guitar/bass/drums/keyboards 4 piece opened the second set with some authentic Memphis-style r& b instrumentals.
(pix courtesy my camera phone)

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