Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bongo Fury Tuesday : The Rules

The first rule of Bongo Fury? 
Do not talk about Bongo Fury. 

Tuesday nights at Harvelle's is the reason I started going there in the first place. A therapy of sorts of it's own, it's many a man and woman's burlesque fantasy come to life. It's a Tuesday wake-up call, a chance to fall in love, or more casually, have a drink with friends.

The inspirational retreat, led by the incomparable Walter Davis, features the exotic beauty of burlesque-style dancers, latin afro-samba jazz, and the intoxicating aroma of cocktails. 
A treat for all the senses. 

DJ Daylite spins classic acid jazz, soul & funk and hip-hop into the night for your dancing pleasure.

The second rule of Bongo Fury?

-Victor Orlando/Walter Davis/Asa (on drums)/Miss Dakota
-Victor Orlando bongos it up.
-DJ Daylite spinning the wax

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